Ongoing projects

Nut4Health: tackling malnutrition through technology

SIC4Change is developing a IT platform to transform malnutrition intervention based on three pillars: (1) the use of blockchain technology to provide traceability and transparency of payments; (2) The integration of an automatized diagnostic system; (3) an incentive system to foster active searching of malnutrition cases in a pay-by-result model. Do you want to know more?

E-Milpa: telematic services to support small producers in Guatemala


SIC4change, together with the CODESPA Foundation and the technology start-up CROPTI, is developing a platform to provide information via mobilephone to small producers and to generate market connections between different agents and small producers in Guatemala.

 Impact Hiring Lab for youth employment:

SIC4Change has joined the Business Observatory Against Poverty, Ideofactum, IESE and Tomillo Foundation, to develop the first Impact Hiring Business Lab to consolidate new strategies to capitalize the opportunities offered by young people facing difficulties to engange employment market. Do you want to know more?

Listening process of the cooperative sector in Equatorial Guinea

SIC4Change together with FAO and the International Labor Organization has developed a listening process to understand the situation of the cooperative sector in Equatorial Guinea and analyze the narratives of the different groups involved with the aim of generating a national strategy to support the cooperative movement to favour the most vulnerable people of society.

Digital promotion of critical thinking against "fake news"

SIC4Change is developing an idea to create a platform that generates an automated ranking of veracity on the news that arise via WhatsApp or other social networks. The objective of the project is to favor critical thinking and combat the phenomenon of "fake news" that is denting democracy as we know it.

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