¿What is SIC4Change?

SIC4Change is a Social Innovation Cluster that aims to transform the way in which social problems are faced and resolved. We understand social innovation as a constant search for disruptive solutions to persistent social problems; solutions that can be replicated and scaled up; sustainable solutions which, ultimately, lead to a greater social, economic and environmental impact, having social responsibility as the starting point to define and implement such solutions.

¿What do we do?


We rethink the way social problems and its solutions are assessed. We support the diagnostic process by involving those affected by the problems in order to arrive at joint innovative solutions. We put special emphasis on the narratives that shape the visions of the different agents on the same problem. Because understanding comprehensivily a problem is half of the solution.


Sometimes, technology is the answer to dynamize or solve social problems in an innovative way. In those cases, SIC4Change works to make technology available to those who really need it. To do so, we create alliances with leading companies or start ups, develop our own technology, or simply mobilize markets to bring them closer to the people in need.


We innovate in the process of identifying and implementing solutions to social problems. Therefore, we promote spaces for dialogue and participation of those affected, in which they can contribute to search for a solution.These spaces are managed in a way so that there always is a contribution towards a common good and, thus, the asymmetries of power, capacity and communication between different actors will be worked towards this goal



We introduce technology as a disruptive and accelerating element of solutions to social problems. Therefore, the cluster is powered by the dynamism of the start ups’ world and its ability to innovate and adapt existing technologies to solve people's real problems. At SIC4Change we use technological advances to put them at the service of society.


We seek to change the paradigms of collaboration between the world of business, public administrations and civil society. To do so, we identify the incentives that motivate these organizations and make them actively involved and interested in solving social problems that affect us and concern society as a whole.

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