Many organizations find it difficult to measure the social impact they generate through their projects. Even more complicated is to introduce systems that allow learning processes and decision making within the projects based on results.

At SIC4Change we make available to our organizations our "know how" on how to generate monitoring and follow-up systems as well as for external evaluations of innovation processes, projects, programs, strategies and development policies.

SIC4Change is one of the pioneering organizations in Spain in the application of the "Developmental Evaluation" (DE) approach for social innovation processes. The DE is a powerful tool for monitoring, following up and evaluating social innovation that involves different actors in such a way that they have accurate information at critical decision-making times.

For other types of interventions, each situation will require different evaluative approaches; approaches that are also conditioned by the groups of interest, the strategies and the availability of the information. At SIC4Change we offer to analyze the intervention in advance and customize the evaluation in each case.

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