SIC4Change works advising organizations with a vocation to generate social impact so it can be maximized through Social Innovation methodologies. To do this, it has a multidisciplinary team that will work hand in hand with the objective of adapting the capabilities of your organization to the social projects that are proposed.


Many companies develop social innovation activities without knowing it, others do not do it, but would like to, and others are born with a vocation to generate social impact but lack the tools to generate the desired impact. To all of them, SIC4Change offers an advisory service with professionals from different fields who, through design thinking and social innovation techniques, will help to build and consolidate projects, products or services with positive social impact potential.


Public institutions are experiencing difficult moments in which their capacity to intervene has been eroded and, in addition, they suffer a legitimacy crisis in front of the citizens. Therefore, it is essential to: (1) develop more participatory processes for decision-making and (2) generate social innovation processes to launch different initiatives that can respond to persistent social problems.

To do this, SIC4Change is offered as a platform to advise the Public Administrations on their implementation procedures to achieve local/territorial development objectives and promote change processes.


Many civil society organizations have realized that they fail to achieve the objectives they pursue and that their mechanisms of action do not respond effectively to the problems of their beneficiaries.

SIC4Change brings new methodologies and ways of working to solve social problems. We act together with NGOs to work hand in hand in spheres such as new identification methodologies, information systems and monitoring and follow-up tools.

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