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What is SIC4Change?

SIC4Change is a social innovation cluster devoted to solve persistent social problems. We transform the way to face and solve these problems by engaging in a constant search for disruptive solutions. We involve citizens, companies, academia and governments in the process of thinking and implementing solution and we use technology to generate a greater social, economic and environmental impact.

Our initiatives


End malnutrition through technology.



Telematic services to support smallholder farmers in Guatemala.

enREDa La Sagra

Social cohesion for territorial development, through youth employment.

Our pillars

What would happen if we applied humankind knowledge to solve people's problems?

Listen out

We generate spaces for dialogue between those affected by social problems and those who can be part of the solution. Participation from the beginning of a process activates the commitment of the different actors engaged in it.

Technological innovation


Technology, at the service of people. BlockChain, Machine Learning, Chatbots... we use frontier proven efficiency technology, to solve the people’s problems... and those of society.


We substitute the classic collaboration paradigms between company, public administration and civil society spheres by new paradigms, more innovative and agile. Our motto: we move faster alone, but get further together.

Awards received

Nut4Health was chosen as the best project  of the Coworking of the School of Industrial Organization and the SPEGC in Gran Canaria.

Nut4Health was chosen as the best social project at national level by the EOI.

SIC4Change was chosen by Fundación FYDE CajaCanarias as the second best enterprise in 2018.​

Latest news

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January 30, 2020

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November 20, 2019

EnREDa Challenge, el concurso que retó a los jóvenes de La Sagra a construir su futuro

July 2, 2019

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